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It all started when I was about 15 years old when I started playing around on Virtual DJ and set up my own shoutcast based radio website named Northants Ravers, which was funded by a family member at the time, the website started to gain a bit of momentum slowly with an active forum community complete with mini flash-enabled games where the community could compete in the arcade leaderboard, which at the time was all in fashion.

After sometime of Northants Ravers being open, it was renamed to Donkin Duo, which I'm sure some of you may of heard of, around this time I was about 17 or 18 and purchased my first controller, I can't remember the full make and model of it, but it was made by Hurcules, it wasn't anything fancy but it did the job and worked out-of-the-box on Virtual DJ, which I was already familiar with.

Donkin Duo remained open until I was about 19, along side this I was also running my own shared web hosting company (and still do to this day, check out TidyNode) at which time I had met my now wife and started my own little family, Donkin Duo closed it's doors, and so did my hosting company at the time too as I needed to make time for my family, and so I left the music scene until I was in my late 20s.

Late 2019... we all know what happened, COVID-19 hit, and in early 2020 we went into lockdown and I'm in my late 20s early 30s, I wasn't working as much and I started to go back on to internet radio websites, and after a short time I went and bought another controller, this time a Roland DJ-202 for SeratoDJ, and for about a year in and out of lockdown I was DJing online.

In 2021, I left the internet radio station I was playing on and helped a good friend of mine start his own DJ Livestream Platform, but on Facebook (and other platforms) called DJ's Factory Live (It was named something else right at the start), and this is where I still am and I am still loving it.

Mid 2021, I started to meet up with fellow DJs I had met online, one of them I now call my brother and after using his standalone professional decks I took the leap and purchased the Denon Prime 4 Standalone Decks for myself.

Now it's 2022, and I am fully back into the music/dj scene and making moves on other "stations" such as Uproar Scotland & AuroraCore with residency slots on these, while keeping all my free time commited to my normal hunting ground, DJ's Factory Live.

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